Ford Coolant Fluid Exchange in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

We know the value of fresh coolant fluid for hard-working engines. Our certified technicians have extensive training and direct experience inspecting and exchanging coolant fluid as needed across all Ford cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

No matter if you drive a Ford F-150 from Pleasantville, Corolla from Northfield, Escape from Atlantic City, or Expedition from Absecon, our customers can rest assured that we provide quality coolant fluid exchange service for all Ford vehicles at our certified Ford service department in Egg Harbor Township. We will drain the old coolant, inspect the engine cooling system thoroughly, and if in good condition, install fresh Ford OEM coolant fluid to specifications. 

Ford Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

Warning Signs of Bad Coolant Fluid 

  • Coolant found to be low and requires repeated topping off
  • Coolant is leaking, usually toward the front of the engine
  • Smelling the sweet odor of coolant fluid
  • The coolant inside the reservoir smells putrid
  • Engine running hotter than usual
  • Engine overheats

Ford Engine Cooling

All Ford models equipped with an internal-combustion engine are also equipped with an engine cooling system that keeps the engine operating at an ideal temperature for efficient power production. The cooling system keeps the engine's heat contained by the water pump circulating coolant fluid through various engine passages where the fluid collects excessive heat and carries that heat to the radiator where it exits the engine bay. Coolant fluid operates within an extreme environment, and it is because of this extreme environment causing thermal breakdown, leaks, or contamination that the coolant fluid requires routine inspections and exchange service when it begins to lose integrity and its heat-dissipating property.  

When will my vehicle's coolant fluid require maintenance? 

That depends on your vehicle, driving conditions, and if it is equipped with coolant fluid monitoring technology. If you drive a newer-model Ford such as an F-150, it has the fail-safe cooling system that monitors for engine overheating and signals a dashboard warning light if the engine begins to overheat.

If your newer-model Ford has a lit coolant fluid light, check engine light, or the temperature gauge moves into the red, it is time for a cooling system inspection and coolant fluid exchange as needed to keep the engine operating within the factory-specified temperature range. 

  • Have the coolant fluid inspected and exchanged as needed at the specified maintenance interval
  • In response to the activation of fail-safe technology stopping the engine due to overheating
  • In response to the warning signs of defective engine cooling 


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