Planning Makes For Less Stress

It is extremely unfortunate to be involved in an auto accident because the chances for injuries are high, your vehicle is damaged, and living with lasting memories can be challenging. The moments after it happens are critical on many fronts, and our service advisors assembled this automotive accident checklist in NJ to better prepare you for this situation. Having this information can protect you in a bad situation and begin the recovery process. Review this accident checklist from Chapman Ford, and contact our Collision Center to begin the repair process.

Find a Safe Place

Getting away from danger is the most important part of our NJ automotive accident checklist. Check yourself and others for injuries, and go to a nearby protected place. Also, remain calm and take deep breaths.

Log Accident Details

Take notes about everything you remember about the incident while it is fresh in your mind. Always keep a notebook, pen or pencil in your vehicle in case this is needed. Write down the make, model, and license plate number of all the involved cars. Also, record the insurance provider, policy number, and driver's license number of all drivers involved. Furthermore, documenting the names, phone numbers, and addresses of each person in the accident is always a good idea. If police respond, document their badge numbers, as well.

Take Pictures

Another item on our automotive accident checklist in NJ is photographing the scene and your vehicles. This provides visual documentation of the incident. The photos also benefit your local NJ auto accident repair shop because we can look at the photographs and begin the restoration planning process.

Create an Incident Timeline

Write a recreation of the incident that can be given to your insurance company and the police. This information should include everything that occurred from your perspective so that it can be used for the record.

Schedule an Estimate Today

Your auto body shop in NJ is here to help you make it through this difficult period by making exceptional restorations to your vehicle. Our long-lasting repairs will meet the manufacturer's standards because we use genuine OEM parts. Our friendly staff can assist in any way to make this a stress-free process. Take a look at the automotive accident checklist in NJ, and remember to schedule an estimate with repair experts at the Chapman Ford Collision Center.

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