How To Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

There's nothing like the warmth of summer to inspire hitting the open road with friends and family. But before embarking on your next adventure, it's also a great time to ensure your vehicle is ready to handle any summer conditions.

Whether you're planning a longer trip to the beach or just want to enjoy driving in the city with the windows down, it's important to prepare your car for summer to keep it running smoothly while the temperature rises. It's also a great idea to keep your vehicle's fuel economy low so you can save more at the pump, wherever adventure calls. Read more below to learn about summer tune up tips with Chapman Ford in Egg Harbor!


Ways to Summer-Proof Your Vehicle

  • Monitor Your Air Conditioner: Especially in the summer heat, you need a working air conditioner. Make sure to check your vehicle's air conditioner to keep it blowing cold air.
  • Get New Windshield Wipers: Your windshield wiper's rubber helps it work hard all winter to remove snow and ice. Summer is a great time to have your wiper blades replaced so you start the new season fresh.
  • Check Your Oil: Be sure to regularly change your oil. It's important to change your vehicle's oil 2-3 times a year, always based on how frequently you drive. Keep track of how much your drive and make sure you change the oil when needed.
  • Check Your Brakes: Brakes pads are impacted by temperature changes, including when the seasons change and it gets warmer, from winter to spring to summer. Make sure to get your brakes inspected by a professional, especially if it's been a while. That way you can get a better understanding of any wear and damage.

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Tips to Boost Your Fuel Economy

  • Make sure to keep your tires and wheels properly aligned. This will help reduce drag and even increase your vehicle's MPG's.
  • Inflate your tires to the correct level - low tires can make it harder for your vehicle, making it spend more effort, which means more gas consumption.
  • Don't add unnecessary weight! If you own vehicle add-ons, like a roof or bike rack, take it off if you only need it occasionally. It increases resistance and makes your vehicle need more fuel, faster.
  • Be a courteous driver. Aggressive driving can be expensive! Try to avoid fast starts and sudden braking, which can wear down engine parts and brake pads more quickly. Being courteous on the road also helps prevent damage to your vehicle with less risky driving and better awareness of other drivers.
  • Make sure to roll your windows up. Open windows will increase drag while you drive, and drag can decrease your fuel economy by as much as 10%. This can be costly, so roll up your windows to save.

We Can Help You Prepare Your Car for Summer

The highly trained technicians at Chapman Ford in Egg Harbor can help your vehicle with these summer preparation tips whenever you're next available. You can contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment today!


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